Like every successful project, we have a strong foundation.

Plan4 works with builders, developers and end users nationwide to assist in the identification and management of time-related risk and opportunities.


With expertise in the management of development, procurement and construction works on and off-site, we bring experience across multiple national and international construction and property markets.



20+ Years Experience


500+ project commissions delivered


Over $10bn of project value delivered

95% +

95%+ Repeat Clients

Our philosophy

We believe that every project should begin with a well structured, comprehensive and flexible plan that can be easily communicated.

Like every successful development and construction project we have been involved in, Plan4 is based on a strong foundation of construction experience which is combined with passion and commitment in achieving the end goal.


The trajectory of a construction project is often set by the decisions made at its inception and its path beyond this point is guided by decisions and actions taken along its journey to completion. The individuals involved in the development and construction team at the outset are fundamental to the establishment of the right pathway as this is often where risk and uncertainty exists.


Plan4 was created to provide personalised and focused advice relating to all aspects of development and construction planning and its many interfaces. The formation of Plan4 in 2016 by Mark Hibberd is the result of over 20 years of development and construction experience in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. This experience has involved site engineering, site management, project management and senior planning roles on projects ranging in size from $1m to $1.5bn+