Plan4 provides development and construction advice that is clear, personalised, transparent and independent with the success of the project at its core.

Our services are focused around the project plan and delivery programme and are founded on a thorough technical knowledge of the development process and a detailed knowledge of construction buildability and methodology. This means that development and construction programmes have the benefit of this in-built knowledge, experience and consistency which is not delegated or diluted.


This advice can be delivered at any stage of the project delivery, however the earlier the advice is sought, the greater the influence on the project outcome is likely to be.


Where our work involves specific design or construction challenges we can bring other experienced specialist into the team to enhance our level and range of services.


As our advice and services are tailored to each project involvement, please make contact to discuss your needs in more detail.


Assistance with development and construction feasibility reviews before design or during construction


Master planning, scenario review and experienced development and construction knowledge ahead of time.

Risk Management

Identification, mitigation and management of development and construction risk.


Planning and control of contractor and supplier procurement. Visibility of all inputs to the development and construction process.


Detailed construction planning, review of `what-if’ scenarios and clear communication of the project plan. Experienced and committed leadership of the project plan.


Identification of buildability risk and opportunities. Management and coordination of specialist input to solve specific construction challenges.

Assessment / Audit

Progress reviews, problem solving, distressed project assistance and the re-alignment of the construction plan.

Clear Communication

Production of clear and concise development and construction programmes, 2D staging plans and 3D visualisation plans.